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Whether you’re a veteran otaku or a newbie, my articles compile reviews and guides on how to enjoy both old and new anime titles. (Image from Pinterest)

Hollywood Films

A film blog wouldn’t be a film blog without featuring movies from Hollywood. Reviews and deep analysis include animated and live action films. (Image from Los Angeles USA Tours)

Indie Films

Those who start out small should come out on top! This page will be dedicated to recognizing independent film makers and their creative minds. #SupportIndieFilm (Image from themoviebuff.net)

International Feature Films

Here, you will be able to access wonderful international titles that deserve your attention! (#IFF) (Image from Canstockphoto)

Korean Dramas

Do you need your fill on chaebol oppas, tear fests, and dramatic hand-holding/ romantic couple scenes? You’ve come to the right place! Please enjoy my reviews on recent titles and my personal favorite Korean drama series! (Image from sofietokorea.com)

Recent Posts

  • Corona (2020): The Defining Movie of a Chaotic Year
    2020 has been a difficult year for everyone as the novel COVID-19 virus continually unleashes humanity’s Pandora’s box of troubles: the global economy faces unprecedented unemployment; healthcare systems are overwhelmed by treating infected patients while being understaffed and under resourced; information about the virus is problematic as social media complicates fact from fiction; mental health distress across populations around the world have skyrocketed; political biases …
  • The Number One Life Lesson: It’s Okay to Not Be Okay (2020)
    It’s Okay to Not Be Okay (2020) is the first Korean drama that I ever watched on a weekly basis and it was definitely an amazing joy ride (and an amazing gift from Netflix to me after graduating from college~ WOOHOO!) celebrating the definition of what it means to be human! Netflix’s latest hit It’s Okay to Not Be Okay centers around the interactions of …
  • Dear Basketball (2017): In Honor of Kobe Bean Bryant
    Fierce. Determined. Motivated. Disciplined. Focused. Resilient. Persevering. Formidable. Admirable. Inspirational. Hard-working. Passionate. Optimistic. Positive Energy. Confident. Humble. Charismatic. Finesse.  The qualities required to be the Face of Basketball. A Prodigy. A Dreamer. An Athlete. A Trend-setter. A Go-getter. A Leader. A Team player. A Perfectionist. A Champion–on and off the court. A Cultural and Global Icon. A Hero. A Beast. A Black Mamba. A Golden …

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