Fruits Basket (2019) Ep. 7: Everglow

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Everything about this episode was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.! I can’t say it enough! I feel like I will keep on repeating that phrase for every single episode! If you’re new to my blog, I just want to tell you that I was anticipating to see this episode for a long, long, LONG time and I gotta say: it lived to and surpassed all of my expectations ♥ I was live tweeting my experience with episode and I will attached them below!

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The voice acting talents were done so very well! It was great to hear newcomer voice actor to the Furuba family Kara Edwards play the beloved Kana. She really brought out her warm presence 🙂

A simple yet iconic quote from the series ♥ (Video from @AnimeCollectFan on Twitter)

UGH! Honestly, how would you not be able to fall in love with her?! Kana is just how I remembered her: bubbly, expressive, and full of life! Hatori’s beloved spring 🙂 And the moments that they shared together, even if it was only two months, was such a blessing to witness. I could never imagine myself getting married to someone I met for only two months but that just shows how madly, how truly, and how deeply they fell in love with each other. ♥ Just look at them 😀

Hatori + trenchcoat = *faints from seeing handsomeness* (Image from @furubamanga Facebook Page)
Man, just look at him look at her. Those are the eyes of love :’) (GIF from
♥♥♥ (Images from @AnimeCollectFan on Twitter)

Oh man, but that kissing scene! I was wondering if Natsuki Takaya-sensei was going to choose either from the manga or the 2001 anime version.

Here is my interpretation of each image. If the 2019 anime had chosen the manga’s depiction of their first kiss, it would have captured Hatori’s humbleness–before him, with his own eyes, is someone he would’ve never imagined himself sharing his entire being with. He’s mesmerized by the beautiful soul that has set him free from his burdens from the Zodiac curse. He’s truly blessed. On the other hand, if the 2019 kiss had gone with the 2001 version, we would’ve captured him being consumed in the moment: it’s just her and him while the world witnesses a moment of bliss between two passionate lovers. But hey, the moment shared between Hatori and Kana in the 2019 version is also sweet as well. ♥

Such an affectionate head bump. boop ♥ (Image from @furubamanga Facebook Page)

But sadly, this dream doesn’t last. I honestly want to lend a standing ovation to Colleen Clinkenbeard. Her performance as Akito was beyond phenomenal!!!

This scene left me absolutely speechless… 😥 (Images from @AnimeCollectFan on Twitter)
Oh no… 😢😢😢 (@furubamanga Facebook Page)

The fact that he fell into the mirror added more flare to his fatal accident. That combined with Hatori’s highly graphic wound coupled with Akito’s haunting screams of “It’s all your fault!” literally sent chills down my spine. It made me feel Kana’s distress and guilt from the incident as if I was there witnessing the moment that it occured. This was painfully well done. Truly a brutal masterpiece.

But let’s cut to the chase: the part that I would like to analyze is the scene that probably tore all our heart to pieces–the moment when he erases Kana’s memories. This was the most beautiful part of the show (so far! I just can’t wait how other events in the series will transpire in this anime).

(GIF from
(GIF from
(GIF from

As we all know, Hatori is wounded in the left eye, which will forever remain as a reminder of Hatori’s beautiful memories shared with Kana. This is hinted at the manga snip I attached earlier in the blog. Sure, he should reasonably have both eyes open while looking at her but the fact that the manga panel shows particularly his left eye opened to look at her probably served as a mini foreshadow of the dark fate ahead for this couple. It’s the very same eye that witnesses the beauty and the downfall of their relationship. The symbolism of this left eye is further connected to Kana as the bandages beautifully unravel and descend onto Kana as she falls onto the snow. The snow also serves as another metaphor in the story to represent Hatori, whose character has been compared as the frozen snow. But I believe that the imagery of Kana lying the snow with the bandages is probably is what his left eye will forever see, even if he is blind in his left eye in reality.

The more that I think about it, the more that I find the parrallelism between Hatori and Spike, a character from the iconic 90’s anime series Cowboy Bebop, very interesting! I would have loved to added the English Dub clip because that was how I became accustomed to the story; instead, I added a clip of the show from the Japanese dub so that 1) you will understand the dialogue that I’m referring to so I don’t have to copy and paste myself 2) Steve Blum’s voicing of Spike is great but this is where his voice, in my opinion, is soft so I don’t want you to miss the critical words that I will reference to in my analysis.

To give you context of this scene below to those who are not familiar with this series while refraining from revealings spoilers if you are interested to start this series (which I highly recommend), this scene occurs before the epic finale of the show. Spike, the man, is confronted by Faye, the woman, and she questions why he is chasing the past. I would like you to pay close attention to his reasoning.

By far, one of the greatest scene from this iconic show (Video from Youtube).

Again, both of their left eyes, Hatori’s and Spike’s (coincidentally), reminds them of the beautiful pasts that they’ve experience with their past lovers. But their actions is what set these two characters apart: Spike, within his own reasons, chooses to chase after the past but Hatori chooses to look toward the future. Even so, the similarity that they hold is the same. Both of them are also the ones burden of the memories shared of their past lovers.

What I love about these two characters is that we’ve all been in this same situation as them. We’ve had moments where beloved friends or lovers have chosen or have accidentally drifted away from us. And it hurts to see them go. We can’t help but complain or lift our fists against time for making our moments with that loved one become fleeting. Time, in this perspective, seems unforgiving. But if you try to view the glass as being half full instead of half empty, time can also provide healing. In Hatori’s case, he had a wonderful time with Kana. But after that incident, she was never the same. She was never happy. And without her happiness, it’s like he’s lost the source of his own. If their relationship had further continued, nothing good would come of it. This may have happened for us as well. For me in particular, I’ve had close friends that I’ve drifted away from because we pursued different interests. If the relationship had continued on then, both of us would have suffered, just like Hatori’s situation. So even if breaking away was the hard thing to do, sometimes it’s the right thing to do. I think these were the very same thougths that ran in Hatori’s head… Even so, even if it cost the memory of his most treasured person in his life, he knew that this was for the best. From here on out, just as Kana left Hatori’s life, we should all depart by wish for the same thing for those who walked out of our lives: for their own happiness.

(GIFs from

Even if Hatori is the one burden with these memories, through time, those memories turn bittersweet. Even though those people were once wonderful people in your life that left, they left you with good memories as well. And those memories shouldn’t be forgotten. These thoughts of reflection and healing reminds me of one of my favorites songs from one of my favorite artists, “Everglow” by Coldplay, which has inspired my titling of this particular blog. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Chris Martin (the head singer of the band) shares what the meaning of the song is about:

[T]o me, it’s about – whether it’s a loved one or a situation or a friend or a relationship that’s finished or someone’s passed away – I was really thinking about, after you’ve been through the sadness of something, you also get this everglow. That’s what it’s about.”

– Chris Martin

And I totally believe that it applies for Hatori. Although Kana is gone from his reality, she will forever be with him in his memory ’til the end of time. “Everglow,” in my opinion, pretty much sums up Hatori and Kana’s relationship. I hope you are willing to take a listen to my favorite masterpiece from Coldplay ♥

(Video from Youtube/Coldplay)

Other than that, I loved how they introduced Tohru and Akito meeting each other for the first time! IT. WAS. AWESOME.

(GIF from
(GIF from

When this scene occured, I honestly heard the song “They see me rollin’, they hatin'” play in my head LOL! And I love the “hidden” silhouette next Akito! Again, this series is slaying the method of foreshadowing! ♥ I can’t wait to see how the series will continue! Until next time on Ep. 8: “See You When You Get Back.”


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