Avengers: Endgame–The Movie of a Lifetime

Avengers Assemble! (Theatrical Poster from Marvel Studios/ Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)

I bet you, hands down, that the 21st century of cinema will be remembered as the era that celebrates superheroes, epic fighting sequences, and great storytelling all thanks to Avengers: Endgame (2019). It’s truly a masterpiece that embodies what a great finale is all about. I personally wanted to have a marathon of all the Marvel movies before watching this film but I unfortunately didn’t have the time (because, college… LOL). But to those of you that did, I would probably bet that your movie experience must’ve been out of this universe! For those of you who want to pull off that marathon before watching the re-released version of the movie, AMC has got you covered by providing its list of how to watch the Marvel Universe. 

WARNING: I will be discussing spoilers. Don’t say I didn’t tell you so. LOL 

My Quick Summary

Avengers: Endgame takes us to the events immediately after Infinity War (2018), where half of all life on Earth has been turned to dust and everyone else remaining is trying to recuperate from the loss. But once Ant-Man miraculously returns from the Quantum realm, he throws out an idea, although farfetched, on how to return all life back from pre-Thanos destruction. Holding onto that sliver of hope and intricate planning, the remaining Avengers team reunite in an effort to bring down Thanos and bring everyone back, no matter the cost.

The family we’ve grown with for over ten years 🙂 (Image from Marvel Studios/ Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures/ IMDb)



I made sure to drink my soda sparingly during the film because there was no way that I would want to miss a single second of this epic three hour movie. I had already restrained my viewing party (which consisted of my two siblings, aunt and uncle, and three little cousins) from enjoying this film with the main crowd. On the bright side, my movie theater audience was still jam packed even after a month of the movie’s release. Even though I saw the two main spoilers of the film, which was Iron Man’s death hinted from the trailer Spiderman: Far from Home (2019) and from a meme about Black Widow’s death, I was just happy to be sitting in front of the screen that would show the film that I’ve desperately waited for so long.

Before watching this film, my older cousin, who I deem as a Marvel expert, was speculating that our characters would go back in time in order to solve the problem. This hypothesis proved to be true as they end up using the Quantum realm as a way to travel back in time. I, at first, was hesitant at this thought because time traveling in stories always become very messy since people have different theories on how time manipulation would affect the future. However, after watching the film a second time, I understood that they were able to smooth out the possible problems on understanding the concept of time by providing their own spin to time travel. As Bruce Banner says, traveling to the past will become your new present and they had to return the items back to when they were borrowed so that the different timelines of reality won’t become chaotic. I am completely marveled (heh, intentional pun 😉 ) on how well the writers were able to ties these loose ends. They deserve a pat on the back!

My favorite moment? Man, it has to be that epic war finale. 

The build up to the fight was so great! Starting off with our main OG Three against Thanos.

Rewriting history (Image from Marvel Studios/ Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures/ IMDb)

Man, watching them pull all sorts of combos at Thanos was so great. I was literally holding my breath, hoping that their efforts would finally pay off! And that moment when Thor’s hammer lifted from the ground when Thor was being pinned down by Thanos, I whispered under my breath “WHO WAS IT?” But then I got live-spoiled (as in getting spoiled before the actual moment of happening) by my little cousin J, who has watched too much Marvel universe trivia more than for his own good, said “It’s Captain America!” My moment of captivation was cheapened because of that LOL I still love the kid though… but it seemed like he was testing me at the next part of the finale.

This next image has been ingrained into my mind!

Jarringly beautiful (Image found on Reddit; Image from Marvel Studios/ Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)

During this moment, I felt so distraught. Iron Man and Thor were completely knocked out by Thanos and all that was left was Captain America and a sad fragment of what was once his iconic, impregnable shield. And the way the cinematic score accompanies this scene makes you feel Captain America’s amazing determination to still fight head on against a whole army. At this point, I sniffled and thought “What will happen now? Their plan failed yet again! There’s no way he can do this alone!!!” But then, to my dismay, my little cousin J said “Don’t worry, they come back like right now” and then the screen showed Falcon saying “On your left.” God dangit, J. LOL If J didn’t say anything I would’ve cried but I was angry instead.

But I got to say that the next scene really cheered up my mood: it was so great to see the return of the cast lending their undying support to Captain America. I felt such a rush of emotions for Black Panther and Spiderman’s return onscreen because they are my favorites in the MCU. Do you want to know how much I love them? Well, when I saw Peter Parker, my heart felt uplifted and I was reassured that every bad, horrible thing that happened back in Infinity War was now reversed. When T’Challa started chanting “Yibambe,” I was literally bawling in tears AND CHANTED IN RESPONSE! I am not joking–my sibling will stand as a witness. LOL I was just so overjoyed that the team is back, ready to kick some evil butt in the craziest, action-packed film of the century! This was totally the moment that we’ve been waiting for

This scene gives me an adrenaline rush! (Video from Marvel Studios/ Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)

Everything was great during this second half of the battle! Spider-Man’s reunion with Iron Man (♥), the Pass-the-Gauntlet game, and the switching of weapons between Captain America and Thor were my favorite parts. Such clever dialogue and transitional movements 🙂 Also, the moment where all the women superheroes assembled on screen was a major plus! ♥  But I think what slated Endgame as an amazing wrap up to this ten year series was this final moment:

(Video from Marvel Studios/ Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)

Him saying “I am Iron Man” was obviously a nod to the very first movie that started it all. This moment, among various others throughout the movie, had at least some references to the past movies that made the built up in Endgame much more enjoyable. I couldn’t catch them all but, because of these references, it makes me want to revisit all of these movies again. This movie was such a great catharsis because it made us feel that everything, including all the plots from all the movies and the character dynamics, was interwoven so well, which has accumulated into the masterpiece that was seen this year. Nothing felt forgotten. Everyone was used to their maximum capacity and lent a helping hand to the main point of the film: to take down Thanos and restore all life on Earth again. 🙂

Finally, the last part that got me flooding in tears was probably seeing Captain America slow-dancing with Peggy. It was such an intimate moment: the close-up shot, the lighting, and the music (the part that hit a home-run for me) helped the audience feel the warmth of having these two lovers reuniting after a long time. ♥

Everything felt right. All was good for everyone. Such a brilliant exit for Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans to retire their roles. We can now rest easy after a beautiful conclusion to MCU’s first three phases. 🙂


3000/10 🙂

Would I watch again? 

Either as a stand alone or part of the marathon, yes. I don’t think I will ever get sick of it! The three hours will fly by quicker with every watch.

Would I recommend? 

Yes. This movie is now a cult classic and an integral part of cinematic history! 🙂

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