Fruits Basket (2019) Ep. 25: A Change is Coming

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Who knew that after 18 years, we would finish the first season of Fruits Basket (2019)! I’m so happy that I’ve managed to comment and analyze every single episode since April and there’s so much more to expect for next year!!! 🙂 Before I can talk about my expectations for the next season, I gotta cover my highlights during this episode! Let’s have a conversation, shall we? 😀

“Time for a Change”

This scene was so refreshing ♥ (Image from @Kitsunes97/

I love the dialogue featured in the beginning scene:

Kyo: Why did he offer to take me in all those years ago? Did he pity me? Was he ordered to? I didn’t know…

[Flashback to Kyo and Kazuma walking under cherry blossoms]

Kazuma: Now it may not look it, but I actually run a dojo. You can try it out if you’d like to.

[Kyo wears an intrigued look]

Gossip Lady 1: So Kazuma really did take him in… 
Gossip Lady 2: The poor man shouldn’t have to care for that boy just because his own father couldn’t handle him..
Gossip Lady 1: Imagine: being responsible for such a creature.

[Kyo overhears the conversation, which angers him. However, Kazuma chooses to pick Kyo up, raising him to view the beautiful sakuras]

Kazuma: Time for a change

(GIFs from

From now on, you’re going to breath air of higher places. 

Sound good?

This moment alludes back to my analysis in the previous episode (Subheading “Application of Kyo’s True Form to Our Reality”) how Kazuma always wants to be there for Kyo, in both good times and in bad. Kazuma picking up the beads after revealing Kyo’s true form in Ep. 24 and him picking up Kyo again in this episode was both for the same reason–even if Kyo hates his true form, Kazuma understands that it is a burden but still willingly stands by Kyo’s side as a source of comfort and true paternal love. This notion is further proven as Kyo continues his inner monologue.

Kyo: And things did change. For the first time, someone showed me the outside world…helped me find my way… and stayed by my side.

[Kyo bathing with Kazuma]

Kyo: Hey, you’re what they call a “Master,” aren’t you? 
Kazuma: [confused] What?
Kyo: I mean, that’s what they call karate teachers on TV! That’s what you are–a Master!
Kazuma: Well, [laughs] yes I suppose that’s true. Although, none of my pupils actually call me by that title.

[Kyo shyly hides his face underwater]

(Kyo wholesomeness at it’s finest ♥; GIF from

[Possibly the next day, Kyo, from afar, observes Kazuma talking to his pupils]

Kazuma: The two of you have shown great improvement
Student 1: Thank you, Sensei!
Kyo: Master?

[Kazuma is slightly shocked, turns around already smiling]

Kazuma: Hello Kyo! Welcome home! (GIF from
[Kyo’s face beams of true happiness] (GIF from

There is a subtle yet significant difference when it comes to Kyo addressing Kazuma as “shishou” instead of “sensei.” The Japanese language is particular when it comes to addressing others in honorifics. My research has let me learn that being called “Shishou” holds an even higher title than “Sensei” since it “denotes extreme respect from the speaker to their target.” So this is Kyo’s way of showing his highest respects to Kazuma who has done so much for him. However, Kyo addressing Kazuma as “Shishou” limits their relationship to be recognized as “master [and] apprentice.” This troubling thought, therefore, leads us to the next part of his monologue.

[Kyo and Kazuma are sparring in the dojo]

Kyo: If only he were my real father… this man has done so much for me… I wonder what Master would think if he knew I felt that way. For all I know, I’m just some pathetic castoff he took pity on.

In conclusion, Kyo feels that Kazuma is a father figure to him but he’s not so sure if Kazuma feels that way in return. That’s why Kyo is seen angry at the notion of Kazuma being called his “father” as he states: 

“How much more can I ask of him? I’ve already burdened him enough. I don’t need him to be my father, not if it’s just going to hurt him...”

But the beauty of their relationship is revealed when Shishou is being sent off.

Re-connect: Kyo and Kazuma’s Relationship Part 2

Strike a pose! (Image from @Kitsunes97/

I totally called it in the previous episode that there was a double meaning in their sparring (Subheading “Re-connect: Kyo and Kazuma’s Relationship”). 

Kazuma is such a humble man. He knew that by removing Kyo’s beads, he thought that Kyo would resent him forever. Furthermore, the fact that Tohru was there to comfort Kyo when he couldn’t reach Kyo, Kazuma felt replaced. But he knew that if Tohru was the source of Kyo’s happiness, then Kazuma couldn’t be more happier–it’s just now that he wasn’t part of the picture anymore…

Or so Kazuma thought!

The fact that Kyo ran after Kazuma and also said that he was working on himself so Kazuma could have a worthy title as “father” proved that Kazuma was still needed in Kyo’s life. This part left me with warm fuzzy feelings! They were able to finally establish and understand, for certain, that the feelings for what they have for each other are of a father-son relationship–their feelings are now finally… connected 🙂

Aww ♥ (Image from @Kitsunes97/

Yuki’s Growth: Slowly but Surely

You too can open doors only if you allow yourself to… 🙂 (Image from @Kitsunes97/

Here’s Yuki’s Dialogue that I would like to draw from:

“Ms. Honda, I can tie my tie faster than I used to and it looks better. And fewer of my vegetables have been dying lately. And uhm, I talk to more people now…some at least…These are small things–I know they are. But I’m trying. I’m working hard to get better at this stuff that I’m not good at. Basically, I want to change myself little by little, but ..someday, I want to be able to open the box that I’ve stuffed all my frightening feelings into and truly experience them without being swallowed whole. I want to keep the promise I made that day [referring to the events of episode 18]. But I’ve got a long way to go… [directly facing Tohru] you’ve been worried and I didn’t notice. I’m sorry… I know I’m still as lame as I’ve always been and there’s still a lot of things that I can’t tell you. Not yet. Just know: I’m changing little by little so that someday I’ll have the courage to tell you everything.

When it comes to sorting out our feelings, they sometimes can be very complicated. They aren’t definitive explanations or answers like “I want this” or “Yes” or “No.” So many variables and events happen in our lives that it makes it difficult to truly express how one feels or react to certain events. And even if we try to face the feelings head on, sometimes it can be overwhelming. We would sometimes wish that the answers to our problems would come as soon as possible to save us the trouble from fatigue and heartache. However, patience is an absolute virtue, especially when it comes to personal growth and understanding what our wants and needs are in our lives. It’s easier said than done–I personally am still struggling with this aspect myself. But as life slowly allows us to heal from our past scars, we can grow to be better, empathetic, and understanding human beings. So if you feel like you are in the same spot as Yuki, filled with thoughts that seem unclear, it’s okay. Don’t feel like you’re obligated to speak your truths just yet. Workshop it in your mind but know that your loved ones, friends and family, are always there for you to talk things out whenever you are ready, just like Tohru is to Yuki. 🙂

Without hesitation, Tohru says “Okay” ♥ (Image from @Kitsunes97/

So Many Questions! So Many Expectations!

I love how the ending dialogue effectively wraps up this season! 

Something’s stirring in their hearts and for the events in the future (Image by yours truly)

Yuki: I can feel it coming…I don’t know what it is…but I feel it in my chest.
Kyo: It’s in my chest… expanding, filling it…I feel it coming
Tohru: Something so big and it leaves me speechless.

Here’s some question to keep note of: What emotional holes do our main characters have? And who will be able to fill them? How?

Also, it was so great to see Rin for the first time! Like I said back in Episode 20, her presence really marks the turning point in which the story really starts to get spicy!!! In other words,

What does Rin want with Shigure about the “Sohma” family curse?

(Image from @furubamanga Facebook page)

Her eyes are certainly filled with determination, but what is she determined to do?

Speaking of Shigure, what do you think he’s up to?

(Image from @Kitsunes97/

Based on his last remarks to Hatori, Shigure’s relationship seems rather toxic with Akito. But even so, we see Akito prostrating over Shigure’s lap! So…

Are Shigure and Akito friends or enemies? Or perhaps…. Frenemies?! HMMM…

And one more thing! I can’t wait for these new characters to be introduced!

New Characters! 🙂 (Image from @Kitsunes97/

I honestly didn’t think that they would be introduced this early! Either that or I had totally forgotten that this had happened this early in the manga! Ugh, the dialogue that they have in this scene alone sets up so much in the future. I love it!

Boy: So…That’s Yuki Sohma huh? He’s as pretty as they say!
Girl: I guess. But he just seems so…
Boy: Huh?
Girl: Forget it.
Boy: You’re so weird. You should show more interest in other people. You know, take a page out of my book.

I honestly would love to give you thoughtful questions to ponder on but I’m scared of giving too much away! So, for your sake, just keep this conversation in mind. They say so much for what is to come!

I’m so happy that you’ve reached the end of this Season 1 of Fruits Basket (2019) with me! I can’t wait for next year! Can’t 2020 come any faster?! I really can’t wait for what’s in store for us in Season 2 of Fruits Basket ♥ 🙂 🐭🍙🐱

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