Real Neat Blog Award

Wow! This is such an honor for me to receive this recognition! It’s been a great year and three months since I started this blog and I’ve never been more challenged, determined, and enthusiastic in my passion for writing about film and anime. I am very grateful to my friends, family, and followers who have encouraged and supported me on my journey. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! This means so much to me and everyone motivates me to continue this craft later down the road. I don’t know where it will take me but I am open minded for what’s in store in the future! 🙂

Before I can continue this article, I want to follow the rules that are established for the Real Neat Blog Award.

The Rules

1) Display the logo.
Got it!

2) Thank the bloggers for the award.
Thank you so much tcrow from Crow’s World of Anime for noticing me in the first place. The fact that you’ve nominated me for this award and have featured me in your Other Posts to Crow About helped me learn more about the anime blogging community and blogging in general–it’s such a tight-knit support group and a warm place to be! Keep on doing what you do best by spreading positivity from your works and your support of others 🙂

3) Answer the questions from the one who nominated you.
These will be answered down below!

4) Nominate 7 to 10 bloggers.
I may not have much because I’ve been so consumed in my own work that I haven’t found the time to read others. However, here are a few bloggers that have caught my eye! I will do my best to find and read others later on! 🙂

5) Ask them 7 questions.

  1. What was your gateway anime and how/who introduced it to you?
  2. If you were able to live in anime/manga universe, where would you be and why?
  3. How were you inspired to start your anime blog and how long have you been writing ever since?
  4. Where do you see yourself and your blog 5 years in the future?
  5. Which manga series deserves to be animated and why?
  6. If any anime character lived in the real world, who would be your best friend and who would be your arch nemesis? Why?
  7. If you met someone who was trying to get into watching anime, what would the first three series to suggest and why?

Alrighty! The rules have been followed (to my best ability) and now onto the fun part:

Getting to Know More about Me!

I’m honestly happy for this opportunity to tell you more about myself because I was thinking about writing a post to let you all know more about me while trying not to sound too pretentious! LOL Let’s get started, shall we? 🙂

1) What do you think makes your blog special — either to you or your readers?
My blog is special to me because it provides an outlet for me to talk about the thoughts and feelings I have whenever I’m watching a movie or an anime. I only have a couple of friends who I can have a deep conversation about film analysis and I hope that by writing reviews, I can convince others that talking and thinking about film and anime critically is an enjoyable hobby to take up. I feel that my blog is special to my readers as well because I find myself referencing movies to my anime reviews and vice versa or applying film theory to anime, which (I don’t think) has been done before or often. It adds more fun into my work and enhances my understanding and enjoyment of these works of art. 

2) When you first started your blog, what did you think would be the most enjoyable part of blogging?
I had originally intended to fill this blog with my reviews on Hollywood films. However, I couldn’t deny the fact that I was watching anime almost every night to help me destress from college. So the thought dawned to me–why don’t I write reviews for anime as well?  What I thought would be the most enjoyable part of blogging would be having my ideas organized and published word for word so that others can read and learn what I learned and experienced.

3) What do you think is the most enjoyable part of blogging now?The enjoyment is still the same–whenever I start typing my ideas, I never want to stop! What I find most enjoyable about blogging now is that the inspiration to write my work happens out of curiosity or sometimes spontaneously. Once the idea gets stuck in my head, all the writing flows naturally! You don’t know how many times I’ve procrastinated to do my college homework just to write all the content I have in my blog today! At the moment, I have seven other projects that I plan to write and publish in the future (after I finish this writing intensive quarter of hell, of course!). I can’t wait to write them soon and share the thoughts that I have with you! 🙂

4) You’ve been charged with revitalizing the Isekai genre. How would you do it?
Isekai is a fairly new genre to me! I started and completed my first Isekai series this year, which was The Rising of the Shield Hero. So based on my experience with that series, the ways in which I would fix Isekai is that they should try out having female protagonists for a change. After all, girls can be gamers too and it would be interesting to tell the story from a girl’s perspective. Also, tone down the ecchi and harem?  

5) Except my site and yours, what is your favorite blog post? If that’s too broad, what’s your favorite blog post in the last month?My favorite post has got to be from Between the Tangles for Fruits Basket Ep. 5. It’s such a great analysis to one of the most tender moments that happen in the series. I wouldn’t want to spoil what they have to offer so I encourage you to visit their site offered by the link above!

6) What advice would you have for new anime bloggers trying to get started?
If something interesting pops in your head, 


Write down all the thoughts that are buzzing in that wonderful brain of yours ♥ Never negate what you’re feeling–the emotions that you get from reacting from what you just saw happen for a reason. Whether they came to you consciously or subconsciously, writing down your thoughts, no matter how messy they are, will help you create empathy with the characters and the story. I also encourage research to find deeper meanings in symbolism and cultural aspects featured throughout the episodes–FEED THE INNER CURIOUS CAT IN YOU!!! That way, your appreciation and experience with the narrative will grow tremendously! After all, that’s why I always look forward to writing my blog 🙂 Lastly, take your time in editing! Make sure whatever you write is written in your own voice and that you’re comfortable with what you’re saying. When I edit, I try to imagine that my writing is me personally sitting down with my readers and chatting with them. Other than fixing grammar and sentence/paragraph fluidity, have fun with what you’re writing and don’t feel obligated to take on too much! Take it one step at a time! 🙂

7) What one anime character do you most identify with, and why?

It has to be Tohru Honda, from Fruits Basket.

Whatever version of her it may be, I still love her. ♥ (images sourced from Entertainment/Hakusensha; collage made by yours truly)

As I’ve mentioned before, Fruits Basket was the first manga series that I read and finished! I was eight years old when I first held the Tokyopop Volume 1 of Furuba. I clearly remembered being marveled at the fact that this book had to be read left to right AND HAD PICTURES!!!

And it was from this beloved series that I was able to meet Tohru Honda.

She ultimately became—and still is—my role model today. She taught me how important it is to be kind, to be empathetic, to be selfless and selfish sometimes. I think I may have picked up on her personality of being a little airheaded but appreciative of the littlest things that I see around me or receive from others. She taught me how to be resilient and to always be open minded and learn to accept new people and new things wholeheartedly. She is the reason why I find myself revisiting both the manga and anime series before the end of every year. Rereading this series as I grow older with the new experiences I learn every year has helped me gain a lot of perspective and reflect on the woman I was, am, and will be in the future. I’m grateful for that moment of picking up Fruits Basket many years ago and I hope others will have the opportunity to do the same 🙂

Thank you so much for reaching the end of this article! I look forward to continuing my journey as a blogger, writer, and media critic with you, fellow reader! 🙂 ♥

Disclaimer: All content that is posted on this blog is only meant for discussion and entertainment purposes. Every image, video, GIF, and other created content that I post belongs to their rightful owners unless specified that the image belongs to me. Please support the official releases and content. I do not represent any entity so any words said within this blog website are from me and me alone.

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